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  Overview of our Measuring Equipment

Schmidt Control Instruments

SCHMIDT Control Instruments are indispensable in production monitoring, quality control, automation and process engineering, in a wide variety of industrial applications.

> Tension meters
> Force gauges
> Torque meters
> Speed & Length meters
> Speed & Tachometers
> Speed & Stroboscope
> Speed & Thickness gauges
> Speed & Shore A Durometers
> Speed & Textile hardness testers
> Speed & Textiles moisture testers
> Semi-jacquard type

Zivy Control Instruments

ZIVY Control Instruments are high quality equipment to control your systems and machines for perfect productivity.

> Hand tension
> Electro Yarn tension
> Hardness testers
> Electronic display counter
> Temperature meter

Kern Balances & Testing Equipment

The KERN brand stands for precision and reliability.
Kern business is now the core cell of the internationally famous, southern German precision balance manufacturing.

> Laboratory Balances: Pocket, school, precision, analytical, moisture analyzers.
> Industrial Scales: Compact, platform, floor and palette, stainless steel, counting, crane