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ROLLER GRILL, no 1 in France and in the top 3 in most European countries, is well-known on these markets for its capacity to innovate and constantly improve its actual range of products.

We offer you a large panel of small to medium cooking equipment for restaurants, hotels, snacks and bakeries.

  Our Product Range


Multi-function Oven

This multifunction convection oven can simply cook in all ways: grill, cook, pastry, bake ...

Pizza Oven

Ideal for fast and crispy cooking of pizza.

Bakery Oven

A real baking oven associating convection and steam production for your best quality bread.

Commerical Microwave

Ensures optimal performance from skilled to semi-skilled & professional operators.

Combi Oven

Both the gas and electric ovens heat up fast so that idle times are reduced, all thanks to the power of the burners and the heating elements.