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imesa ironers
Flatwork Ironers Drying Flatwork Ironers


Flatwork Ironers

imesa flatwork ironers Imesa Ironers are supported by a strong and durable frame as a result of careful design. Elegance and strength are combined together in a trend machine. A careful eye was dedicated to safety.

The sophisticated electronic components guarantee the reliability and efficiency of the electric wiring panel.

Drying Flatwork Ironers

standard flatwork ironers

> Standard Flatwork Ironer:

The new drying flatwork ironer allows you to iron your linen directly after having been washed in a high spin washing machine. Thus reducing working area, time, cost of labour and energy.

industrial flatwork ironer > MC/ M 2500 2800 3200
The ironer high productivity is granted by the special configuration of the ironing belt which avoids ironing defects such as belts conjuction signs and signs of separation between the belts.

Special heating / suction system that assures an omogenous and regular heating on all the ironing roller length.

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