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Imesa is one of the Italian leaders in laundry equipment manufacturing dedicated to constant improvements in product quality. Their mission is "building tomorrow's laundry: innovative, economical, tailored and environmental oriented."

Wet Washing M/C Dryers / Hydroextractors Folding M/C
Dry Cleaning M/C Ironers Trolleys
Aseptic Washing M/C Ironing Equipment Data-Com on Washing


> The warranty conditions apply:
- 36 months non-corrosion on stainless steel parts
- 24 months on electronic parts (or 4000 washing cycles on washing machines)
- 12 months on mechanical parts affected by hidden defects or materials quality

> Parts not covered by warranty:
- Parts subject to wear out:
  belts, ironing bands, knobs, membranes, lamps and rubber parts

- Electronic components such as:
  coils, heating elements, counters and water inlet valves

- Parts damage from wrong connection (i.e. inverter)

- Imesa S.P.A is not responsible for:
  cost related to machines stopping, damage of clothes, software programme
  errors and improper machine use.