Brother sewing machines, Africa.

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brother sewing, africa, ethiopia


Single Needle Machine

brother single needle machine

Single Needle Direct Drive Straight Lock Stitcher with Thread Trimmer

Single Needle Straight Lock Stitcher with Thread Trimmer

Z-8550A / Z-8560A:
Electronic Direct drive Zigzag Lock Stitcher / with Thread Trimmer.


Twin or three Needle Machine

brother twin needle, three needle sewing machine

T-8452B: Twin needle direct drive split needle bar lock stitcher with thread trimmer.

DA-9270/9280: Twin & three Needle Feed Off the Arm Double Chain Stitcher

More Brother Machines...

brother electronic sewing equipment

KE-430D: Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Bar Tacker

BE-438D: Electronic Direct Drive Button Sewer

HE-800A: Electronic Lockstitch Button Holer

RH-9820: Electronic Eyelet Button Holer. (.pdf file - 1.3 Mo)

BAS-326G: Direct Drive Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer with Cylinder Bed.

Brother Sewing Machines Software

PS-300B: Sewing Data Programming Software from Brother.